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Classical Music Collection

The Classical Music Collection offers Lovers of Classical Music a Brand New 160 GB iPod Classic for $499.00 which includes FREE shipping anywhere in the United States, Handling and Programming.

With your purchase of this Classic iPod, we then add at NO CHARGE our complete library of Classical Music.  The Library contains 7,414 different pieces consisting of 22,935 Movements. There are 108.77 GB of Music which includes just about every Major Symphony, Piano Concerto, Violin Concerto, Sonata, Quartet, Trio and everything else.  There are 666 different Symphonies, 243 Violin Concertos as well as loads of other Violin Pieces, 170 Piano Concertos and lots more Piano Works, as well as 109 different Ballets.  There are loads of other Concertos such as Trumpet Concertos, Cello Concertos and many many more.  It contains all the Major Works of 384 composers.  As each piece is playing you will see a picture of that composer, just like the pictures that are being shown above.  To listen to the entire collection takes 81.1 days or 1,946 hours.  Listening three hours per day it will take almost two years just to hear the entire collection.  To see every piece in the collection simply click above on to MUSIC LIBRARY then click either All Pieces or All Movements. To see a complete list of all of the composers whose works are included in the collection click on All Composers also under MUSIC LIBRARY.

You Don’t Need a computer and No Computer Experience is Required.  All of the Programming Work has been done for you.  You can listen to all the music randomly or you can select any composer you choose and listen to all of his music and so on.  The collection is also programmed so that you can choose what type of music you want to hear at that time such as Symphonies and it will just play all of the Symphonies one after another.  You can do the same for Piano, Violin, Ballet and so on and on as there are 42 different Genres for you to choose from.  If you are not completely satisfied simply return the iPod within 15 days and receive a full refund.